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Bank Transfer (GBP) PayPal (USD) 105800
Bank Transfer (EUR) PayPal (USD) 99500
Bank Transfer (USD) Bitcoin (USD) 1012500
Bank Transfer (GBP) Perfect Money (USD) 112100
Bank Transfer (USD) PayPal (USD) 87400
Skrill (USD) Bank Transfer (ZAR) 9250990
Skrill (USD) Western Union (USD) 112100
WebMoney (USD) Moneygram (USD) 112100
WebMoney (USD) Western Union (USD) 202100
WebMoney (USD) Bitcoin (USD) 105800
Perfect Money (USD) Bank Transfer (USD) 322100
Skrill (USD) Gold (Gram) 700896
Skrill (USD) C3Gold Credit (CGC) 983556
Gold (Ounce) Bank Transfer (USD) 983556
Western Union (USD) Gold (Ounce) 198700
Perfect Money (USD) Gold (Ounce) 1398700
Bank Transfer (USD) Gold (Ounce) 198700
PayFast (ZAR) Gold (Ounce) 1398700
PayFast (ZAR) Gold (CGC) 27732432
PayFast (ZAR) Gold (Gram) 80000000
PayPal (USD) Gold (CGC) 10000
Gold (CGC) PayPal (USD) 59000000
Western Union (USD) C3Gold Credit (CGC) 98355
Payeer (AED) C3Gold Credit (CGC) 5800
Perfect Money (USD) PayPal (USD) 198700
Bank Transfer (USD) C3Gold Credit (CGC) 1398700
C3Gold Credit (CGC) Ethereum (USD) 45980
C3Gold Credit (CGC) Perfect Money (USD) 915700
C3Gold Credit (CGC) Bitcoin (USD) 98632
C3Gold Credit (CGC) PayPal (USD) 8941500
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Bank Transfer (ZAR) 1258414.03
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Bank Transfer (USD) 40700
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Perfect Money (USD) 76200
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Bitcoin (BTC) 57250
PayFast (ZAR) Bitcoin (USD) 8437300
Western Union (EUR) Perfect Money (USD) 65789
Moneygram (EUR) Perfect Money (USD) 75800
iTune Gift Card (USD) Western Union (USD) 123890
Payeer (USD) Moneygram (USD) 67800
Payeer (USD) Bitcoin (USD) 41657.1
Payeer (USD) Perfect Money (USD) 27600
Bitcoin (BTC) Bank Transfer (USD) 9177500
PayFast (ZAR) Payza (USD) 7500
PayFast (ZAR) AdvCash (EUR) 11700
PayFast (ZAR) AdvCash (USD) 8908
PayFast (ZAR) Skrill (USD) 188500
Perfect Money (USD) Moneygram (USD) 610100
Perfect Money (USD) Western Union (USD) 2115790
PayFast (ZAR) Perfect Money (USD) 1820300
PayFast (ZAR) PayPal (USD) 101980
Perfect Money (USD) Payza (USD) 2109
Perfect Money (USD) AdvCash (USD) 2213
WebMoney (USD) Perfect Money (USD) 21841
WebMoney (USD) PayPal (USD) 1500
AdvCash (USD) Bitcoin (BTC) 1658
AdvCash (USD) Perfect Money (USD) 28454
AdvCash (USD) PayPal (USD) 4700
Western Union (USD) Bitcoin (USD) 9411700
Western Union (USD) Perfect Money (USD) 426500
Moneygram (USD) Bitcoin (USD) 98087
Moneygram (USD) Perfect Money (USD) 1815900
iTune Gift Card (USD) Bitcoin (BTC) 127800
iTune Gift Card (USD) Perfect Money (USD) 139700
iTune Gift Card (USD) Bank Transfer (ZAR) 1945790
iTune Gift Card (USD) Bank Transfer (NGN) 76980500
iTune Gift Card (USD) PayPal (USD) 15700
AdvCash (USD) Bank Transfer (NGN) 356660000
AdvCash (USD) Bank Transfer (ZAR) 95000
Perfect Money (USD) Bitcoin (BTC) 20
Western Union (ZAR) PayPal (USD) 25000
248 886 6660


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