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Buy Cryptocurrency & e-Currency from us at competitive prices and enjoy instantaneous transaction. Our services are usually completed within few minutes of confirming payment. You can purchase, sell & exchange any amount of the Cryptocurrency|e-Currency. If we don't have enough on reserve contact us we will make arrangement for that.

You can proceed to purchase your desired e-Currency Cryptocurrency now by following the steps below. 

  • If you have not registered with us, click the 'Create Account' link on the top-right-hand corner to register.
  • If you have registered with us, login and select Want to Sell, for example if your method of payment to us is bank transfers chose bank transfer, PayFast, Scode etc...then at 'Want to buy' chose what type of e-Currency &  Digital Currency you wish to buy from us (Perfect Money, Bitcoin etc...) type your desire amount at Want to Sell our Reserve and Exchange rates will display then click exchange to complete other fields on the form.
  • If you are in Europe, choose Want To Sell: Bank Transfers (Euro) or SEPA transfers:
  • If you are out of European border, choose Bank Transfers
  • If you are in the United Kingdom  use - Bank Transfers (Pounds)
  • Customers in Spain, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, chose SEPA Bank Transfer in Euro. Always confirm with us before making payments
  • Customers in South Africa, wishing to make payment should use instant eft by selecting Bank Transfers (Zar) or (PayFast) at Want to Sell. Bank transfers orders complete within mins - 10min - 1 hours while Payfast 1 - 3 working business days in some cases longer.
  • Customers in Swaziland, wishing to make payment should use instant eft, or ATM Cash deposits via FNB or Standard Bank by selecting (Bank Transfers (ZAR)) at Want to Sell.Your bank reference is your exchange ID or PM account no.
  • Customers in Lesotho, wishing to make payment should use instant eft, or ATM Cash deposits via FNB or Standard Bank by selecting (Bank Transfers (ZAR)) at Want to Sell.Your bank reference is your exchange ID or PM account no.
  • Customers in other Southern Africa Countries wishing to make payment should use bank transfers options, deposits reflects in less than 30 minis (Bank Transfers (ZAR)) at Want to Sell.Your bank reference is your exchange ID  for BTC etc or PM account no.
  • SCode voucher - to use this options visit our web site chose Payfast at Want to Sell and your desire e-Currency or any at Want to Buy type amount then click exchange proceed insert your info at PayFast portal chose Scode voucher with this options you can make payment using your credit,cheque or debit card and also cash! 
  • Other nationality i.e International clients orders submit your order and make your payment into any of our bank accounts or any payment method preferable. DO NOT FORGET TO QUOTE YOUR EXCHANGE ID in your wire Bank transfer references to avoid delays.
  • Your order will be processed & credited within few minutes of we confirming payment, please be patient! you don't have to call.
  • If we don't have your desire e-Currency & Digital Currency contact us we will add them to our list.
  • If your Country is not listed on our Exchange list please contact us. We have local registered licensed partners Worldwide.
  • Exchange Paypal to Perfect Money, Bitcoin etc! no verification needed. We only accept PayPal Exchange with Paypal balance not Credit Card & funds must be sent as friends and family. If you wished to do otherwise contact us for advice.
  • To buy electronic & crypto currency with Credit Card & PayPal Click here