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Dear customers, partners & visitors of our service, we invite you to take part in the development of our service and get acquainted with the program of investment, which will help you earn, and become part of our success. We invite you to take part in the development of our service and get acquainted with the program of investment, which will help you earn great profits, and become our partner and part of our success.

Our goal – to ensure continuous operation of our service on existing directions shown on the website, as well as the addition of new destinations sought after by users sharing.
Sometimes there are situations where not enough of a e-currency service in the reserve, and we can quickly execute an application for the exchange, which is why there is a risk of leaving a client to another service. To such a situation did not happen, we suggest you to invest surplus funds in our service under the following
  • Investment 30 days — 7.5% yield for the entire period.
  • Investment 90 days — 22.5% yield for the entire period.
  • Investment 365 days — 90% yield for the entire period.

Interest rate increases after 32 days, and again after 64 days

Explanation for % profits: 

Maximum nominal interest rate over 12 months

Earn a money investment market fund related rate, plus your capital and quoted returns are fully guaranteed.    

Investments are made through our email :  or website sign up if you have ot then sign into your dashboard click investment and chose your method of payments eg Digital & electronic currencies such as Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Instant EFT, Bitcoin Cash, Bank Wire & Transfer are accepted.
Minimum opening deposit 120 USD contact us for less amounts for quotation.

We can prepare for you individual decisions on the timing, amount and interest rate, depending on your desires. To do this, please contact our investment team:

To make a deposit, you need to register in our service at and on your personal dashboard click “Investment” select the term of the deposit and the amount you are willing to invest in our service.

Note: Each investment has different returns on capital % interest depending on the area of investment of your choice.
a: Exchange Service: 7.5% - min 120 USD
b: Bitcoin Trading & Mining: 7.5% - 40% - min 120 USD
c: Forex: 7.5% - 25% - min 120 USD
d: Lending: 57% - VIP min 1200 USD

 If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at our mail:
Your money will be put into our programs and this wont be affected if the price of Bitcoin or any other digital currency falls in price.
We will use these funds in the fellow:
Exchange: We ex-change digital currency from one to another at the highest profitable rate.
Bitcoin Mining: We have bitcoin mining software systems and hence invest in them to yield profit.
Forex: We have a group of experts that assist us with forex trading.
Lending: We operate a lending system for high credit worthiness - 57%.

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