Payment and Confirmation

Various payment options are available to soothe you depending on the type of transaction you are carrying out.

For buying transactions, you can make payments into any available list of banks, we also accept Western Union, Money Gram view our payment Mode for all available payments for your convinces. While make payments to our bank accounts local or internationally please do not forget to quote your Exchange ID. Payments done without quoting the transaction invoice number (Exchange ID) may not be honored.

For selling and exchanging transactions, check our e-Currency account lists for details of the e-Currency account you will like to transfer into. If we don't have your desire digital currency kindly contact us we will consider adding it to our exchange list.

To view our bank details and e-Currency account details, you will have to be logged-in into your member area dashboard. 

You can also make payment via Instant Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) (PayFast) exchange done with this is automated. Fellow the instructions from payfast. 

To confirm payments for buying transactions,(Western union, Money gram and international wire this does not apply to all exchange) login into your account. On the dashboard area, click the 'Become Paid' link and complete. In some case we might not need confirmation from you once your exchange ID is listed on your reference/memo payment transfers.

If you need support in ordering or questions on any of our services contact us via live support or click here
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