Sell & Exchange e-Currency

The process of selling and exchanging e-Currency with another e-Currency from us is a basic 3-step process. 

Begin now by: 

  • Registering with us.
  • If you have registered with us, login and visit your personal dashboard.
  • On your dashboard area, click the 'My Exchange then navigate to Home page' link on the left-hand corner of the page.
  • Sell 'Sell to us ' chose what type of e-currency you are selling then chose bank transfer then type amount at sell page our buy rates will automatically display'' (as the case may be) option on the order form and complete other fields on the form.
  • Exchange 'Exchange' chose sell then select e-currency type you wish to exchanged then select buy and also chose your preferred e-currency, type the amount you wish to exchange at sell section, our rates will display click exchange then proceed. You will always fellow this procedure for acurance.
  • Submit your order and transfer the expected e-Currency amount into our e-Currency account. If you are selling or exchanging with Perfect Money & Bitcoin and others, our platform is integrated with API for Instant Transfer.
  • Your bank account or e-Currency account (as the case may be) will be credited within few minutes of confirming your transfer.